Let’s Pretend I’m Still In Queensland



I have an obsession with sunglasses. Glenn doesn’t understand this obsession. Mostly, he just rolls his eyes. When I saw this pair of Gasoline Glamour sunnies, I had to have them! Although, like always, I waited until they were on sale. Less then $40 AUD on Nastygal.com.



This was one of the first time I’d really noticed the impact that matching shoes can have. I haven’t allowed myself to think about it that much because I’m on a teeny income. I bought three pairs from Target before I went to a conference before realizing that I’d bought them all a size too small!

These red ones are rather comfortable though. I hate having to think about shoes all the time though.



The dress is City Chic. I was a fan of how the style looked but don’t think it suits my body shape. It’s a lovely style but the collar made me feel like I was choking (I have anxiety issues – it’s not a manufacturing problem.) It clung to my belly so I looked like I was pregnant. Maybe I just need to style it differently?



The pineapple bag is available from Nasty Gal, but I was lucky enough to find a similar version on Ebay. Very impractical, but I love it.



It was a fun shoot. I’d tried taking these photos using a tripod and timer a week prior, and screwed all of them up. Glenn had to take these photos which always makes me self conscious. He respects my discomfort though and uses the same tricks to get me to smile.

It’s weird. These photos almost look like that are somebody else. I know they are me, but they don’t look like me. I’ve changed so much over the past year and have become more confident with my sense of style. It’s awesome.

What I Wore: Problogger Event

I was so badly looking forward to Problogger Event. I would be at a fancy hotel in the Gold Coast. I would finally have the perfect backdrop for some of my favourite dresses! I could do elaborate shoots that would rival the photos shared by Modcloth.

Or I could get there and be so exhausted that I stop caring about blogging *gasp!* My primary goal there was to work so I just didn’t bother with outfit photography. This post is a collection of photos shared by others and photos of me wearing the same outfit at other times.


This is the team photo that was taken on the first night. I changed into this dress for the photo, and then wore it on the first official day of the conference. It was incredibly flattering and so comfortable. I’ll have to find other ways to style it and share it in future posts!


This photo was taken by the fabulous Cheryl Lin during the speaker/team member dinner on the final night. I’ve never really posed for a photo like this. I don’t drink wine and generally go to stuff by myself. Cheryl is amazing. She was one of the room directors.

The bag is from New Look and was bought via Asos. I was inspired to find fruit flavored fashion after I saw Nicolette Mason rocking a Charlotte Olympia clutch. It was so hard to find stylish and cute alternatives.

Both the cardi and dress are city chic. I wear this combination so often. The dress alone gets so many compliments; once it was by a taxi driver!


This is what the dress looks like in full. I wore it to the Melbourne museum on a date with my nephew. You can get away without wearing a bra with this dress, which is something I love on the lazy days.


I wore this outfit on a separate trip to Williamstown with Glenn. I paired it with one of my favourite pairs of sunnies by Quay. I bought them on sale via Nasty Girl and they are one of my favourites.

I was relaxing and letting Glenn take photos of me. It was a beautiful day by the beach and he wanted to experiment with black and white shots. I love how it turned out!


I know that technically this is a cop out because a certain person didn’t feel like cleaning up her hotel room to do outfit shots. But it does take you behind the scenes of what I wore – and shows how you can find bargain accessories if you know where to look.

What I Wore: Nephews Birthday

Yesterday was my second boyfriend, Mr Sethy’s, SIXTH boyfriend. He was so excited about it. He woke his nan up a couple of nights before hand, talking about how excited he was.

I got him a boomerang and a silly air rocket thingy. He loved both of them, but was so excited about the variety of presents he had received. That kid is spoiled by all his aunts and uncles.



I’ve been putting more effort then usual into my outfits lately. I’ve been experimenting with different styles and finally wearing some of the new clothes that I’ve bought.

I love the above photo. I had gone out to help dad get dinner and had received a text with the editing photo. Glenn is so good at those type of shots.



We snuck outside to get these photos. I was embarrassed that my parents would see me and ask why I wanted to share them. Fashion blogging – and even instagramming my outfits – feels so self indulgent. I feel guilty for even spending money on much needed clothes.

The light was fading so we only had time to get a couple of photos. He’d ask me to look in a certain direction but I’d get distracted, hence why you sometimes get funny facial expressions.



Mum dug the outfit. She complimented the cardi and my new shoes. I recently bought them for a conference I’m attending but alas, they are half a size too short and they have no stretch.

The shoes were from Target. Both the cardi and dress were on sale from City Chic. The dress showed off my bra pretty badly though, so I’ll have to wear something black or flesh colored under it in the future.


Overall it was a fun night. Seth was so happy and excited. Glenn has been getting on great with my parents lately, so enjoyed himself. Mum was ready for a big sleep by the time we’d gotten there. Now 364 days until he’s SEVEN.

What I wore: Rise of Planet Of the Apes

Last month, Glenn and I saw the new Planet of the Apes movie. It was on his day off, so we agreed to meet in town.


I was walking up to him and the butthead didn’t even recognize me! I was wearing my new coat, which he hadn’t seen before, and it was the first time he had seen me in a beanie. I was 2-3 metres away from him and grinning, yet he didn’t see me.


We took these photos in a laneway that leads to Ryrie Street – the street Village Cinemas is on in Geelong. Glenn and I are both loving how they’ve been adding street art to many of the laneways leading off Little Malop Street. We always stop to get photos.

There were a few people walking past so I was uncomfortable posing for photos. But I love how the jacket fits on me. Mum gave me several compliments. It’s incredibly warm. We were walking around town during horrid weather and I was constantly exclaiming that I was so warm.


Coat: City Chic. I got them this one for $50 off. Currently a lot of their coats are on sale so I also own the pink and blue princess coat, and a blank trench.

Jeggings: Crossroads

Fingerless gloves and beanie from Sportsgirl

Shoes were Dunlop Volleys. I love them, they fit my feet and I get so much use out of them. I often will wear these shoes until they break.

Everything bar the shoes was bought on sale.

Lady Morbid: Going To A Ball


Long time, no blog!

It has been an incredibly busy time in Jade Land. I’ve taken on new clients, which has fortunately given me a lot more play money for clothes. It also leaves me exhausted and feeling too tired to do photo shoots for the outfits.

I’ve been stocking up on accessories (on sale) and researching colour palettes and the like. Then yesterday, I decided to do a shoot with Glenn!


Glenn is a dude, obviously. He’s talented with photography but doesn’t understand the type of photos that you need on a fashion blog! We always end up with fun, creative photos but I always have to remind him what type of shots are necessary.

“Dude, we need to show off what everything looks like together! Full body shots!”

Naturally, it’s a difficult learning curve. I’m uncomfortable posing and the photos never turn out like they do on the other fashion blogs I read. I thought the natural light from the window would help out … ha!


This shoot was about exploring the contradictions in my love of fashion. Lady Gaga recently has started saying “Lady by day, Gaga by night” which is a concept I plan to explore. I have an outlandish and eclectic style, but I also like classic looks. So, for now, I’m going to be experimenting combining my two loves.

With this outfit, I jazzed it up a bit with the cardigan, sunnies and cat ears. The fabric of the cardi would be AWESOME as a shawl. I tried styling it that way, and putting it on backwards.


The sunnies are from Quay – they do awesome styles and are really affordable. I bought them on sale from Nasty Gal. I also got the cat ears from there. I love stocking up on their awesome accessories when they are on sale!

The dress and cardi are City Chic – on sale, of course.

I discovered the purse on Modcloth, but noticed the description said ‘imported’. I’ve been able to find a couple of items on ebay for considerably cheaper so have been stocking up on cute bags from there. The cute necklace is from Modcloth.


Overall this shoot was pretty fun – very awkward though! I hate posing. I’ve been very excited about going to Lady Gaga’s Artrave this month so just thought of how happy that would make me. It made for some very interesting shots.

I’m going to explore various alter egos as part of this project. The first, Lady Morbid, is one that I want to develop. You can guess which artist influenced the name.


What I wore: My 27th Birthday

I wasn’t originally going to share this. I’d written about turning 27 on my normal/work-y blog and didn’t see the point in sharing the exact same photos. It’s nothing special – it’s just a dress?



One thing I’m loving about a lot of the City Chic dresses is that I can just chuck them on and they work. You don’t need to do any fancy styling. This dress is so comfortable, it’s one of my favourite dresses for some of the more formal/casual occasions. I love the pattern and have got so many compliments on it. It really suits my figure.


I’d gotten my hair died reddish before this, but the hairdresser botched it. My roots turned out bright red, although the rest of my hair suited me. I’m not sure whether it’s worth investing in haircare on my budget. Maybe just the regular cut?



I love how it cinches at the waist somewhat – makes me look less round.




This post has little depth – there isn’t much else to say – but I thought it was worth commemorating a lovely day. Totally worth splurging on the dress!

What I Wore: Country Christmas

Christmas. I’ve never been one to enjoy Christmas. To me, it marks a period of people inflicting their stress on me and worrying about making sure I have enough money to get presents for all family members. I rarely cope.

One thing I try to do is make sure I’m wearing a cute outfit on Christmas day.


This is my “I just shot water at your groin and now you’ve wet your pants” expression.

City Chic has brought out so many fab dresses this summer. I’ve loved the series of dresses with pockets and shirred back. The clothes fit so well and feel so comfortable. The fabrics this past season have been so awesome.

See, I love this style of dress. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the 50’s. Eshakti has a great range of dresses that I love but they don’t ship to Australia.  I think I snapped about about 10 City Chic dresses in the last four months of 2013.  I wanted to take advantage of the cuteness while it was available.



Days later, I asked Glenn if we could do a proper shoot for this blog. Now, I’m aware that this blog is still finding it’s feet. It’s completely different from my normal style of blogging. I’ve always felt reluctant to explore my love of fashion because of budget reasons and it feels very selfish to spend money on myself.

I’m also very self concious in front of cameras but I’ve noticed that’s improving. I was a lot more comfortable during this shoot. Glenn asked if I could take my hair down – something I rarely do due to it’s length. I love have my hair out and have made a hair cut a priority for next month.



I’m struggling with accessorizing. It’s difficult when you’re on a budget as tight as mine. I have a keen sense of what matches and have come up with some brilliant outfit ideas… in my imagination. Lately, I’ve started going to thrift shops so I’m hoping that will change soon!



Outfit chatter aside, Christmas was awesome. I love Glenns family. It’s always incredibly fun. Am so excited to see what 2014 will bring.

Seeing Pink on the Great Ocean Road

Last weekend, my family went to Apollo Bay. I was very jealous, especially when mum sent me photos of my nephew/other boyfriend with various parrots at Kennett River. Fortunately for me, they left things down there and had to make a return trip. They asked if I wanted to make the trip with them and go to Grey River Road – a popular area to sight koalas along the Great Ocean Road.


See, I’ve been rather upset at being a bad fashion blogger. It’s not for lack of inspiration moreso… lack of money. It’s not something I wanted to address because it’s embarrassing. I haven’t seen anyone address the challenges of dressing on a low income, especially when plus size clothes for my age group cost so much.

I don’t have that many clothes. I’m on about 7k a year and my appearance takes a low priority. I only purchase clothing which are essentials. $30 practical trackies are essential – $80 dresses aren’t. It’s been hard challenging that mindset but it is so worth it. I feel considering less anxious when I dress up. I feel happier. The outfits aren’t elaborate, but they make me feel more like me.

I don’t think I’ll be able to be as awesome as other bloggers, like Vanessa at Style and Shennanigans. I don’t have the budget for hair care and accessories and, in many respects, I’m clueless. But, it’s something I’m going to explore over the next year. Dressing on a very, very limited budget.




The entire outfit is City Chic. They are the only local plus-size range that appeals to me. Autograph is meh. Moda, Targets brand, is yuck. Some of the Avella items at Big W are okay but they are more casual. I know there are lots of cool overseas brands but I’m reluctant to take a risk on a brand I’m not comfortable with.

This dress felt FANTASTIC. It was the Play House dress which I bought for $80. I didn’t feel restricted in movement and found it didn’t make my tummy look bigger, as other dresses do. I felt feminine and pretty – a rare feeling.



I paired it with a City Chic cardigan, also on sale. I love how well they worked together to create the whole outfit. I paired it with plum coloured tights (also City Chic) and my pink Dunlop Volleys. It was a solid outfit that worked with Victorias crazy weather. I wore it last week when I caught up with blogging friend Alexis Grant. It was one of the rare times I didn’t feel self concious about my appearance.


I can’t wait to explore different outfits and ways of expressing myself in 2014. I have a very quirky fashion sense – think Pin-Up meets lady gaga. I’ve bought several dresses from City Chic, who have released some awesome dresses this summer.

I’d love to know if you have any tips for buying accessories and caring for hair on an extremely tight budget.

What I wore: I’m a mother-fudging princess

For a period during 2012, this was my favourite dress. I was pretty broke but had splurged on it during a City Chic sale. I didn’t have money for styling so went with the classic ‘Haul bag and ponytail look.’ I was too broke to worry that it didn’t look that nice; I’d be sitting inside anyway.

This photo was taken just before Glenn and I saw Ross Noble with the family. He looked pretty cute that day. He often does.



I also wore it to Melbourne where we went out on a date. I don’t recall what we saw, but I felt pretty awesome.

I love wearing bright colours, especially pink. I’ve moved more towards my style of clothes now that I have more money.



I wore this dress to Melbourne specifically so I could feel pretty on the horse and carriage ride. Glenn rarely does anything romantic – it’s not his style. He agreed to this for our second anniversary and really loved it. He said it gave him a different view to the city.


I know this post doesn’t contribute much to the overall tone of the blog. It’s nothing fancy. I still think it’s worth documenting how my style has evolved as my shape has changed.

Depressed Snow White

IMGh_0450 (1)

I love this outfit. I have worn this exact set up – paired with my red converse shoes – to blogging meetups and the live recording of the non canonical podcast. At one meetup, a mate said “Snow White eat your heart out! It is really casual and can be dressed down or up.

I bought everything – belt, jacket and dress – while on sale. I think it cost about $80 all up. It is fantastic value. You can style the top so it looks like you are wearing a really fancy skirt. I also likes how it shows off my cleavage. A girl has the enjoy the perks of her curves, right?

IMGh_0450 (2)

I’ve been on a slight break from work this week due to a flare up of my anxiety disorder. I feel like it’s important to document my changes in style and the visual aspects of my personality via this project. I’m not confident around the camera but today was particularly difficult. My chest tightened whenever my partner got close and I had the same photo expression in most of the photos. The concerned/freaked out look. Do you guys struggle with your sense of style when you are sick or feeling upset?


My partner is loving the HDR function on the camera and decided to experiment with the lighting through the material of the skirt. The above photo is me doing my impersonal of Superman opening his shirt. I love how it turned out with the sunbeam and the flare! I want to get more apps for the iPhone so we can experiment with different styles.

I’m glad we did this shoot, despite feeling like shit. It’s fun to explore my creative side while in the throes of depression and anxiety. Plus I’m LOVING sharing this creative journey with Glenn.

I’m feeling a lot more confident knowing that I do have attractive qualities. I may resent the way I look but I like how I appear in some of these photos. It really helps with the self esteem and inspires me to experiment more with how I can look pretty and express myself through style. Can’t wait until I learn how to do hair and nails – and can afford accessories! 😀

The nerdism:

I was inspired to do this shoot after reading the first trade of Fables. I’d put off reading it for so long as it has become ‘trendy’ in a lot of TV shows, and it has been increasingly trendy to read certain types of comments. I have got to stop letting my biases influence my reading!

It’s really well written and a lot of fun. I want to explore the rest of the series as well as the off-shoots. I also want to start reading comics again – once I find something I can actually enjoy. I’ve become very fickle with my tastes and not many recent comics interest me.